Why just shelties and what does my kennel’s name, Energy-Spirit, mean?

When I was a little child I loved the serial Lassie. Lassie had beautiful hair, was majestic, intelligent, good, nice, golden, had short hairs in the face (it is different when you give food to a yorkshire terrier or to a sheltie – and I have both :-) ), she loved children, played games with them, took care of them, she was their very good friend and when she was running, she looked like a flying dog ... so she was my ideal future dog. Because my parents didn´t agree with having a dog in a block of flats, I had to wait. When I was 18 years old, I took care of my friend’s little (1,8 kg) yorkshire terrier female for three days. I couldn´t believe what my parents did ... my father was on the floor and played with her. My parents loved her. I was surprised, and it was my opportunity. I made an arrangement with my father – I would buy a yorkshire terrier puppy (female) for Christmas. Other breeds were out of the question. I was very happy that my parents were going to have a small dog. In that time I began working after school. I didn´t have a lot of money and I could buy only a yorshire terrier without a pedigree. My mother and sister didn´t know about my surprise. When we went to the Christmas tree, my mother and sister took only the small puppy and unpacked all the other gifts after 2 hours with the puppy. The puppy was named Kessy. I was with Kessy every moment of my free time, we practised obedience together and did our first exam from obedience. Kessy had one litter of very nice yorkshire terrier puppies. But I still dreamed about having my own breed with a pedigree, I dreamed about breeding, kennel, shows and so on.  I couldn’t imagine a rough collie in a block of flats so I decided on a sheltie. I looked on websites of sheltie kennels in our country and wrote to Mrs. Svobodova (kennel z Dablovy studanky). So after 6 months I went for my dream sheltie female in sable colour – Extra Endy z Dablovy studanky. I called her Sendy.

How did I think of the title of my kennel, Energy-Spirit? I am a little interested in spirituality, various forms of energies, numerology, auras and so on. So that´s the reason for the title Energy-Spirit :-) Because shelties are spirits full of energy :-)

Dogs are the love of my whole life. I spend my free time with them in nature – on walks or trips, I love dog shows (I have many photos from dog shows), I so obedience, dogdancing and a little agility and canistherapy. I would like to create a blend of exhibition and working shelties in my breeding, with a standard look and good character (happy, funny, friendly, playfull and full of energy). I try to achieve this the following way: I select an acceptable stud dog (with good body structure, expressive angulation, long neck, correct head with typical expression and good temperament) and give as much time as possible to the small puppies from their birth. By the way – the most beautiful and unforgettable experience for me is the birth of puppies. The small puppies are so strong, innocent and they want to live so much ... I can follow their first steps. It is a miracle of nature. So I rather prefer family breeding. I want to have my shelties around me. I am definitely not in favor of quantitative breeding in order to make a profit.

Breeding services for all new owners of puppies from me

  • At eight weeks old, healthy puppies prepare to go to their new homes

  • They have been given the best possible socialization (puppies are introduced to various life situations, for example: visits, children, other animals, going by car, and so on)

  • first vaccination, 3x deworming (1 tablet for further deworming)

  • locator chip

  • CEA test

  • dog food for 1 week (if you tell me before, I can buy more food for you)

  • contract of sale

  • pedigree or export pedigree (and colour photopedigree created by me)

  • European vaccination certificate with entry vaccination and deworming

  • instructions for good coexistence of sheltie with its new owners

  • photos of your puppy and its parents, brothers and sisters

  • collar, lead and toy

What is the most important for me? Contact with new owners of puppies (not only from me). You can write to me anytime and I would like to help you with everything (education, preparing for shows, training, breeding, problems and so on). I can inform you about breeds and clubs too. No-obligation visits are heartily welcome.


I have to say thanks especially to a longtime and experienced breeder of shelties, Mrs. Mlada Svobodova (kennel z Dablovy studanky, CZ). She has give me a lot of advice, tips and she helps me a lot. I have my first sheltie from her – Extra Endy z Dablovy studanky.

I have to say thanks to my parents for their education and for every thing that they give me every day. Thanks to them, I am what I am for my whole life.

Thanks to my friends with whom I spend a lot of time. This time is the most rich for me that I have ever had. We are the same because the dogs connect us – and mostly shelties.

Thanks to judges for their objective and kind judging.

And then I have to say thanks to the owners of puppies from me for their heartfelt love which they give every day to their shelties.


However, because of many coordinated facts in my life (family reasons, change of my work—my work is 20 kilometres away from my home and I have to spend a lot of time to get there), Sendy had to move to my very fine friends‘ house in Vyškov – the family Varvrovi (kennel Chancy Remus). Eva will work with Sendy in canistherapy, and her daughter Pavlína will do dogdancing, obedience, canicross and so on with Sendy. Sendy will certainly be the mother of other puppies. I have to admit – I was not happy when I had to take my Sendy away from our home, but it is important for Sendy to have a very nice life full of work which she loves. She needs a lot of work, a group of people around her and other dogs. I want Sendy to live as she wants. At this time I cannot to give her as much time as I want and as she needs. And I couldn´t stand to see my Sendy sad. She doesn´t like to be alone and to be without work. This is the worst for shelties. I think that my resolution is correct. Now Sendy is very happy, hearty and lives with the Vavrovi family, her sister Chancy, another sheltie Kimi, two other dogs (they are half-breeds) Lord and Dáša, two cats, and two beautiful horses Zitona and Gadita. I am happy when Sendy is happy too ...

I have a friend Petra Ocetkova in Blansko (kennel Sol Oriens). I have known her for 3,5 years. We met each other at the national show in Brno in autumn of the year 2002. We know each other thanks to our shelties – Sendy and Bonnie. We understand each other very much and her shelties Bonnie and Freddie are as my own. I often see them, since we do obedience and dogdancing together, going to dogshows and trips and so on. Thanks to Petra for her friendship and for this – I can spend time with her and her shelties. Because I love SHELTIES very much ...

My websites will be periodically updated – there will be information about Sendy´s new life and home, how she is good in obedience and dogdancing with Pavlína, then there will be experiences from our actions with Petra, Bonnie and Freddie. So there will be everything that will be around us :-)

Lucie Malíková